Amsterdam Dance Event is one of the most expected yearly dance music event. From Wednesday, 14th of October to Sunday, 18th, more than 300 events and 2,000 DJ’s in 80 clubs and venues will be warming up more than 350,000 festival visitors.

Vunee experts filtered you the best events with the best DJ’s in the best venues. Here you go!

This is the line-up of this year. A bit messy, isn’t it?

ADE Line Up

Don’t worry, here is a selection with only the best of these 5 days:

–> From 300 events, we give you 15. That is exactly 3 per day, you decide!

–> From 80 venues, we give you 10.

–> From more than 2,000 DJ’s, we give you 174 of them; which are the most expected ones.

–> All of this represents 138 hours of live music…


On Wednesday, 14th of October:


On Thursday, 15th of October:


On Friday, 16th of October:

On Saturday, 17th of October:


On Sunday, 18th of October:


And if you want to know in real time where are all these events, here is a little present… just for you ♥

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We wish you a great event and hope we will see you there…